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From: “Wendy Millard” <wendy@ramse.com>
Subject: UU upcoming discussions
Date: August 4, 2013 11:03:04 PM PDT
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Our summer discussion series has been very lively, interesting, and educational thus far.  We have talked about favorite places on Mother Earth and our favorite movies about the environment;  our moral obligations to the environment and a planet in peril; why we need to take action for the future generations, and how to talk to children about stewardship; we have discussed the expansion of human activity on the planet and the corresponding degradation of the environment.  The upcoming topics are:
August 11th:  “Even dung beetles are important!  Discussing species diversity and species depletion/extinction.”
August 18th Cancelled.  Not enough participants remaining in town that weekend.
August 25th:  “Can we have it all?  Can we be good environmental stewards AND enhance our quality of life?”  and “Living Intentionally:  considering a personal commitment and/or activism as a community”  We are combining two topics this week since we cancelled one week.   To summarize the combined topic:  we will ask ourselves how we can enhance our quality of life by being good environmental stewards, and what commitments we are willing to make.   We will consider whether we want to pursue environmental activism as a community.
September 1st no discussion group as it is Labor Day weekend.
September 8th:  Regular services resume!  9:30 discussion group, (topic to be determined), followed by service at 10:30.   Watch for newsletter from Julia.
Thank you to all discussion group participants!  It has been very rewarding and interesting sharing ideas with all of you!
Summer discussion committee: 
Sally Wells – candseldorado@charter.net
Lee Kuhn – lharris614@gmail.com
Wendy Millard – wendym@ramse.com
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