ummm, oops, This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

Ok, so the stress of the holiday season has gotten to your newsletter/communications editor…I erroneously posted earlier that tomorrow’s (umm, today’s…) service is to be a holiday singing session. But in actuality, Rev. Patt will be here…so:

Discussion Group, 9:30 a.m.

A discussion about “JOY”. See previous email for the many delightful and thought-provoking quotes provided on the topic.

Worship Service, 10:30 a.m.

Rev. Patt Herdklotz, “Zen, Poetry in Motion, or Non-motion”
Beliefs, desires, and concepts are illustrated in Zen stories to puzzle and encourage one to find one’s self and one’s place in the cosmos.  Rev. Patt will reflect on this spiritual path which invites movement to oneness with the non-movement of meditation and embrace of the void.  The religious education students will explore some Zen stories today, as well, for an entire-congregation exposure to a modicum of Zen.

All straight? 

Apologies for any confusion.

Merry Christmas!