Tomorrow Morning at the UU Fellowship!!!

I am so sorry everyone, I did not sit down at my computer this week and so this is very late…but, in case you are on your computers tonight or early tomorrow, here is the discussion topic information:

Maryann Lundin will be leading the discussion.

Topic:  Discovering Self

The 4th UU principle is “ A free and responsible search for meaning.”   This ties into the UU identity of individuality and self-expression. 

For this discussion let’s explore our Self, our individuality, and how we express it. 


From the article “Doing Good by Knowing Who You Are” by Charles N. Seashore, Mary Nash Shawver, Greg Thompson, and Marty Mattere: 

                “Margeret Mead has said ‘Never believe that a few caring people can’t change the world .  For indeed, that’s all who ever have.’  For some of us, Mead’s words evoke the passion, the urge and the belief that, by paying close attention to what is going on inside us, clearly perceiving the limitless world beyond our Self, we can substantially increase our own capacity to contribute to the common good while engaging in the process of individuation and self-differentiation – the unfolding of our unique Selves over the course of a lifetime. “


What are the values that define your personal Self? 

What are the goals that define your personal Self? 

How is your personal Self expressed in your life?  

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