This Sunday at the UU Fellowship, And Beyond!!

Sunday, June 23
Along with our celebration of the summer solstice in this week’s service we will be discussing summer itself in our pre-service discussion.  What do we like best and least about summer? What are our favorite summer time activities?  What summertime memories stay with us?  Where have we been in summers past, such as on vacation, and what will we be doing this coming summer? Bring poetry about summer if you like.
WORSHIP SERVICE – 10:30 a.m.
This Sunday we will be celebrating Summer Solstice.  Please bring along things you would like to share that represent Summer to you. This could be a poem, a short story, a musical piece, a thing that represents summer to you, etc.  We do ask you to keep the item brief as the sharing will be a portion of the program. 
June 30th Discussion
For our last pre-service discussion we will be talking about our fellowship itself.  What drew us to the fellowship in the first place, what we have enjoyed about being members or new members or prospective members, both this past year and in years past, if we’ve been with the fellowship for more than this year. Also, what would we like to see changed or improved about the fellowship?  Are there groups or activities which we’d like to see come into being?  Do we have thoughts about what our newly forming Social Justice Committee could do?  Maybe we can make a wish list of groups and activities  and maybe we can find some volunteers to at least begin thinking, over the summer, about how to get those groups going. Let’s get them going!
REMINDER: As you embark on your summer journeys, please try to remember to collect a bit of water to share for the Water Service in the fall. 
Also, beginning in July, Worship Services will not be held until September 8. DISCUSSION GROUP WILL CONTINUE AS PER USUAL AT 9:30 A.M.!!!! 

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