This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

April 27, Sunday

9:30 a.m. Discussion Group


10:30 Worship Service

Rev. Patt Herdklotz, “Sacred Sharing and Celebration”, and Annual Meeting
Easter is the celebration of Jesus, the Christian prophet of Love.  With this spring holiday, there is feasting and sacred remembering of Jesus with ‘The Lord’s Supper’.  Rev. Patt Herdklotz reflects on this and looks at the sacred food in cultures around the world, noting their profound spiritual discipline–to share special food and celebrate it’s significant symbolism.  The Reverend will also celebrate by serving ‘Communion’ with all who would like to share this religious ritual of remembering the enlightened one, Jesus.  Attendees will be asked to reveal what special foods they share with the coming of spring, with holy-days, together with family or sacred communities.

Members strongly urged to attend this service and the following ANNUAL MEETING.  There will be a potluck lunch between service and meeting. 

There are a number of items that will be discussed and voted on at the meeting. Please see the attached agenda.

doc icon 05-ANNUAL-MEETING.doc