This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

March 2

Discussion 9:30-10:20 am – “The Transient and the Permanent… for You”

Please see Rev. Ames’ March newsletter column.   What is it that most guides your living?  An ethical teaching, a spiritual practice, a relationship, a commitment?  Please come ready to hear the sharing of others and perhaps share yourself.  Even though this gathering was inspired by a discussion of “the Permanent” essence of one religious tradition, it’s totally fine if your guiding force has changed over the years, and you’d like to talk about that.   

Children’s program begins at 9:30 am. The current focus is on world religions.

Worship service, 10:30-11:30 am — “To God or Not to God”

Rev. Stephen Ames will preach a sermon inspired by years of ministering to theologically diverse congregations, the book Wrestling With God by Tom Owen-Towle, a children’s story about monkeys, alligators, dogs, and birds trying to figure out how to celebrate life together, and other delightful UU sources.  How is it not only possible but also potentially quite helpful for people of vastly differing beliefs to gather together (worship?) on Sunday mornings?

SPECIAL NOTE: We are donating to the Food Bank, so if you can please bring some non-perishable food items to the Fellowship!!