This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

 9:30 a.m. DISCUSSION  

Discussion will be led by the honorable Mrs. Sally Wells. She asks: have we reached critical mass to promote peace over war?  It is appearing that we may address the Syrian situation through diplomatic means rather than bombing, possibly because of very strong anti-war sentiments being expressed by the public at large.

Some thoughts to ponder:

* Are we betraying America’s soul when we are imperialistic?

* Until we address the injustices and cruelties in our own country, we should not presume to “protect” the people of another country from theirs.

 * Military strikes will produce corpses and taxes for us, and more corpses and oppression for them.

 * The idea of “punishment” is absurd and childish.

 * By taking a military action we give Assad the victory in the field of ideas and policies…might makes right…force is an acceptable policy…etc.

Rev. Patt Herdklotz joins us with her service titled, “Reflection on the Pillars of Faith”. There are five pillars of faith kept by the people of Islam.  Rev. Patt Herdklotz will offer a Unitarian Universalist reflection on these pillars and how they may be significant to our progressive faith which enjoys an open search for truth and meaning.  The worship service will also include an illustrative story ‘for all ages’, and will close with a prayer for peace and celebration of the kindredhood of all people.