This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

Ok everyone, I know I have been not so good the last couple weeks getting notices out. Let’s just say, as for this weekend, I MEANT to send something on Friday, but then work was more complicated than expected, then I was trying to get everyone out the door in the evening, after battling with pond pumps, and recalcitrant hoses and faucets, and then we were heading to Bend, and then I realized what I forgot to do…So, off we went to Bend for the night, and then headed out to the depths of Oregon in Fossil to cheer on a revved up Bob Jackman in the Tough Mudder race (check out the website…you will be impressed). So, in the middle of it all, Bob blew out his knee, so off we went back home, to conclude with a visit at the ER, with surgery promised on Tuesday. Bob is not happy. It was fun while it lasted, though! Anyway, that was probably TOO MUCH INFORMATION, but I thought I would at least entertain everyone! Happy Father’s Day, Bob!


On this Father’s Day, Maryann Lundin will lead a discussion titled “Beliefs of your Fathers”.  What belief’s of your father influenced you as you grew up, either to adopt them or not adopt them?  How has your acceptance of those beliefs changed as you evolved.  How have you been able to continue a relationship with your father even though your belief’s differed?
WORSHIP SERVICE – 10:30 a.m.
Rev. Patt will lead this service titled “Transcending Mystery and Wonder”, focusing on the grounding principles of the Unitarian Universalist faith. 
A Board meeting will follow the service. Interested person’s are welcome to attend.

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