This Sunday at the UU Fellowship

Greetings Fellowshippers! Hope you are all glowing in the Klamath sunshine. We have a thoughtful and provocative weekend in store for you. Please join us!
REMINDER: Please join Rev. Ames for a potluck lunch following the service, prior to the worship committee planning session for the June services

9:30 a.m. Discussion Group

Julie Murray-Jensen will lead the group in a discussion about “How should we educate our children?”. Please refer to any of several TED talks by Sir Ken Robinson to inspire discourse on the subject.
10:30 a.m. Worship Service
Rev. Ames will lead us in a service titled “Lessons From the Dying”. He will share reflections from his work as a parish minister and hospice chaplain. He asks, what do the dying, and their families, have to teach us?

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