Taoism – Active Quietism/Quiet Activism

Bill Martin presents: Taoism – Active Quietism/Quiet Activism on June 4th, 2017 at UUFKC. The Tao Te Ching, with its deep understanding of the energy of Yin and Yang together, presents a revolutionary message — a culture changing message —  in the subtle form of “active quietism.” Its author, the legendary Chinese sage, Lao-Tzu, is often called the “father of quietism” for his emphasis on cooperation with the flow of the Tao rather than imposition of our own agendas upon it. However, each poetic chapter of his classic little book contains a seed, which if germinated, would transform society.

A quietist accepts the world as he finds it, understanding that the complex dynamics of life are not under his control. He does not seek to fix it according to his own agendas not impose upon it his own standards. The activist sees certain aspects of society to be unacceptable and seeks to make changes in these aspects through direct or indirect action. His actions may arise from compassion or simply from anger and frustration. The Taoism found in the Chinese classic book of spiritual philosophy, Tao Te Ching, combines these two stances; accepting the world as it is in the moment without seeking to lay blame, argue, or instill hate; and at the same time letting a natural willingness arise to take energetic and focused action at the appropriate time and in the appropriate manner in order to be a part of the natural flow, change, and balance of the Tao.

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For the past twenty-five years he has written and published books and other writings that explore the art of living a Taoist Path in the modern world. The titles below are available through all bookstores and on-line merchants. Clicking on a title will take you to more information.

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