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Powerful Social Justice Statements Made by General Assembly 2021

In her final service to UUFKC, Intern Minister Alison attended Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (all online) as our delegate, proudly voting for Rev. Sam Trumbore for Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees, as well as for the Statement of Conscience and Social Witness Statements passed by General Assembly.

Statements of Conscience come as the result of a multi-year process of study on an issue voted on by General Assembly. Following the study period the UUA Commission on Social Witness drafts a Statement of Conscience that is voted on by the General Assembly and articulates a mandate for the UUA to focus their efforts and put resources toward achieving its aims. This year’s Statement of Conscience Undoing Systemic White Supremacy: A Call to Prophetic Action, passed with 93% of the vote despite small but vocal opposition to the idea that white supremacy is a problem in our nation or our Association. This is a victory and a mandate for the anti-racist efforts of our denomination. Let’s stay active in this faithful work at UUFKC by reading the statement and continuing to implement it in our congregation!

Actions of Immediate Witness (AIWs) are non-binding statements of the will of the General Assembly at which they are passed. However, they express important priorities shared by our fellow UUs representing congregations across the nation and the world, and must be passed with a 2/3 majority of the vote. This year’s AIWs include some issues near and dear to the heart of our congregation:

Together Again! Our 1st & Last In-Person Gathering of the 2020/21 Church Year

On Sunday, June 27th, after a 16-month endurance of ZOOM services, we met face-to-face at Wiard Park (with masks). As we did, butterflies flitted about; also song birds. (Enchanting!)

Out-going board chair, Franny Howes, held an abbreviated service (no candles or flammables, per ordinance), and extended thanks to our 2020-2021 volunteers.

She announced individuals’ names for all committees: Worship, Stewardship/Finance, Social Justice, Property Task Force, UUFKC Board, Garden Task Force. Marilynn Sutherland, who stepped down as treasurer due to health issues was “held in our hearts. Thank you for your efforts & wisdom. So deeply missed.”

Franny welcomed new board members Faith Leith, Jerry Brown, and Julia Jackman. Julia stepped up early as Treasurer, due to Marilynn’s health issues.

Franny shared one word to come out of the COVID-19 experience, RESILIENCE!! (And what a gift it is!) With the thermometer rising, Chuck Wells had the final word: “Last one standing gets to carry others to their vehicles.”

–Barbara Turk, Archivist

Summer Book Group: Ministry for the Future by Kim Stanley Robinson

UUFKC Board Members Julia Jackman and Jerry Brown want to organize a book group for the summer to read and discuss the novel “Ministry for the Future” by acclaimed sci-fi author Kim Stanley Robinson. The book delves into a near-future scenario that is grappling with intense climate change pressures. It is a challenging and realistic look at world-wide socio-economic and political realities and offers up some provocative ideas for how we might change them. The discussion group might consider some of these ideas and poke at them a bit, and maybe consider how our UU community might be a change agent on this topic. If you are interested, contact Jerry or Julia by email.
Jerry: geodejerry@gmail.com
Julia: juliackjackman@gmail.com