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Hearing for Monument Expansion


Carpools from…
· ASHLAND: 3:00 p.m. – Meet at the KS Wild office, 3185 E. Main (down the hill east of the Hwy 66/I-5 exit). Please RSVP to Jeanine Moy, jeanine@kswild.org
· THE GREENSPRINGS: 3:30 p.m. – Meet in front of the Oregon Extension on Highway 66 at Lincoln (just past milepost 21 and just before the first mailboxes at 15097 Highway 66 between Ashland and Keno). 15-passenger van will fill with passengers first for those who do not want to drive. Please RSVP to Dave Willis, sodamtn@mind.net
Be sure to bring liquid and food because the drive and hearing will overlap dinner time.

The Klamath County Commissioners, represented by Commissioner Tom Mallums, went on record against Cascade-Siskiyou Monument expansion at Sen. Merkley’s and DOI Deputy Sec’y Connor’s October 14 Monument expansion hearing in Ashland. 80% of attendees were in favor of Monument expansion at that hearing. Commissioner Mallums again went on record against expansion at the Jackson County Commissioners’ October 27 hearing in Medford where speakers split 50/50 for and against Monument expansion.

Now the Klamath County Commissioners are holding their own hearing in Government Center Hearing Room 219 at 305 Main Street in Klamath Falls this coming Tuesday, November 1, at 6 p.m. To repeat, these commissioners are already on record against Monument expansion. We believe the commissioners’ intent for their hearing this Tuesday, November 1, at 6 p.m. – announced on the Klamath County website (see attachment and/or www.klamathcounty.org > “Public Affairs” [lower right] > “Press releases” [top of right-hand column]) – is, as with the Jackson County Commissioners, to attract as many anti-Monument attendees as possible in an attempt to prevent Monument expansion.

The Obama Administration is seriously considering Cascade-Siskiyou Monument expansion via the congressionally vested Antiquities Act that established the original Monument. Scientist after scientist says Monument expansion is necessary to protect and restore this remarkably biodiverse landscape and the important biological pathways it provides. The mayors, city councils, and chamber boards of Ashland and Talent (the two closest towns to the Monument) unanimously support expansion, as do Oregon local state Rep. Peter Buckley, the late state Sen. Alan Bates, his appointed replacement Sen. Kevin Talbert, and Oregon U.S. Senators Ron Wyden and Jeff Merkley. The end of the Obama Administration is a rare opportunity for these important and vulnerable public lands. Please don’t let the Klamath County Commissioners claim overwhelming opposition to Monument expansion at their hearing this Tuesday evening.

Though most of the proposed Monument expansion is in Jackson County, county lines are not ecological lines. According to Sen. Merkley’s office, the Klamath County portion of the proposed Monument expansion on Sen. Merkley and Sen. Wyden’s 10-4-16 map is 18,626 acres. Much of this acreage is on the Surveyor Mountain-Buck Mountain ridge in the Jenny Creek and Spencer Creek headwaters. Existing BLM and proposed legislative designations recognize most of the public lands here as having more than commodity values…
· In BLM’s new Western Oregon Plan Revision: Almost all of the acreage is designated for “Recreation Management,” roughly 30% is designated as Late-Successional Reserve to protect old-growth forest, there are two Areas of Critical Environmental Concern (Old Baldy and Tunnel Creek), many miles of Riparian Reserves, and about two miles of Pacific Crest Trail.
· In Senator Wyden and Senator Merkley’s S. 132 (“O&C Bill”): Almost all of the Klamath County acreage in the proposed Monument expansion area is proposed as “Conservation Emphasis Area,” most of the acreage is classified as “Conservation Network Land,” ~20% of the area would protect mature forests 80-120 years old, three “Special Environmental Zones” are proposed, and the two PCT miles would receive a half-mile width buffer as part of a “Pacific Crest Trail Protection Corridor.”

Especially because of heavy commercial logging on adjacent private lands, scientists are especially concerned that this higher elevation public land be included in an expanded Monument in the face of climate change to offer high elevation forest refugia for terrestrial and avian species and clean, cold headwaters for aquatic species. Though helpful, neither BLM’s recent allocations nor the senators’ proposed designations afford sufficient or comprehensive protection for this key BLM link between the existing Monument to the southwest and the generally more benignly managed U.S. Forest Service land to the north.

PLEASE ATTEND THE KLAMATH COUNTY COMMISSIONERS’ TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 1, 6 P.M. HEARING AT THE GOVERNMENT CENTER IN KLAMATH FALLS (Hearing Room 219, 305 Main Street) AND SPEAK FOR MONUMENT EXPANSION. Please arrive early if you can. Please wear blue. And please – once again – support a science-based Cascade Siskiyou National Monument expansion. (Few good things ever come easy…)

For a bigger, wilder, Monument –
Dave Willis, Soda Mountain Wilderness Council

P.S. Please don’t forget carpool times/locations at the top of this email.

Project Family Connect

Project Family Connect (PFC) is a one-day, community-wide event where you will meet service providers and have access to FREE immediate services, including: medical/dental clinics, food, haircuts, children’s books, things for teens, clothing, and more.

Veterinarian care is available for companion pets!

Sponsored by Klamath Lake Counties Action Services KLCAS


Project Family Connect 2017

Goodbye ceremony at the old property

PineGroveOn June 12th the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County will have gathering and picnic, to say “Goodbye” to the historic property, as it is in the proces of being sold.
All interested are welcome to join the fellowship’s short farewell ceremony, and afterward stay for a “bring-your-own-picnic” among the pine groves and cottonwoods. The now giant cottonwoods were mere saplings in a 1913 photo in the fellowship’s Archives.
The 1910 school building burned in January 2011. Only the fireplace, built by the second owner and an architect, Sheldon Brumbaugh, remains. Brumbaugh used the building for his office. From 1960 to 2016 the fellowship was the third property owner, having purchased the property from Brumbaugh’s widow.

Support the Urban Trail Master Plan for a healthier Klamath Falls!

This email is shared from the Sky Lakes Wellness team. As a supporter of improving our Klamath Falls community and advocating for healthy living, the Unitarian Fellowship is sharing this information on our website:utmp

Last night our Planning Commission unanimously voted to recommend to City Council that the Klamath Falls Urban Trail Master Plan (UTMP) be adopted into the TSP (Transportation Systems Plan)!  The showing from the community was tremendous and many spoke in support of the UTMP.  The enthusiasm was inspiring!

But we will not be able to move forward with any of the trail, bike lane, or sidewalk connectivity projects within the UTMP unless at least three City Councilors vote in support of the UTMP at City Council the night of June 6thHaving your support the night of the 6th will absolutely make a difference in the outcome.  Please consider joining in support of this important project for Klamath’s future.  Though public speaking can be so difficult, saying a few words as to why walkable and bikeable communities are important to you will really impact those Council Members who are wavering.

When:  Monday, June  6th at 7 p.m. (please arrive a few minutes early)

Where: Council Chambers, 500 Klamath Avenue

If you are interested in helping even more, please consider writing, calling, or meeting with Council Members to voice your support of the UTMP:

Trish Seiler: 541-884-8248, trish43@aol.com (Downtown, Stewart-Lennox, Gatewood, Kingsley Field)

Bud Hart: 541-884-1807, bud_hart@charter.net (KU area, Pacific Terrace/Eldorado south of Manzanita St, Mills Addition north of Vine)

Matt Dodson: 541-331-5863, mdodson@klamathfalls.city (Mills Addition south of Vine, Washburn Way, Foothill Blvd and North Hills)

Dan Tofell: 541-884-9760, dtofell@klamathfalls.city (Harbor Isles, Pacific Terrace/Eldorado north of Manzanita St, Nob Hill, Quarry St, OIT/Hospital)

Bill Adams: 541-891-7600, onestopkfalls@gmail.com (Lakeshore, California Ave & Conger area, Montelius St area)

Let’s continue to create positive change in our wonderful community!   Please share!

Stephanie, Katherine, Jeanette, and Jen

– Sky Lakes Wellness Center Team

UTMP City Hearings Flyer

Cheerfulness, June 2016 Archives


by Barbara Turk

Our service March 13th saw cheerfulness, in abundance. Later I thought a stranger would have pondered that it was, in truth, a worship service. (We did call it, “Laughing at the Human Condition”!) I considered it a most enriching worship service, and then I found the following:

“Cheerfulness is the atmosphere in which all things thrive.”


And thanks to German art historian Jean Paul Friedrich Richter (1847-1937).

Anticipating our July through August-2016 hiatus, may you THRIVE in cheerfulness, and be most generous with spreading it about.

As we UU’s claim Ralph Waldo Emerson to be “ours”, the following may prove to be a great send-off to us for this summer.

The Nature Conservancy’s 2008 purchase of 14,600-acres of forest property in the New York Adirondack Mountains, “came with a crown jewel: Follensby Pond, the idyllic locale where Ralph Waldo Emerson and nine of his intellectual contemporaries spent a contemplative summer in 1858.

“Their expedition, which included artists, poets, scientists, and doctors, constructed a simple, “Philosophers’ Camp” on the pond’s shore, and spent their days in discussions, exploration and creative endeavors. Emerson penned a long poem about, ‘The Adirondacs’ , rejoicing in the freedom of escaping everyday life for a while”.

(Nature Conservancy magazine Feb/March 2016)

May you find a Follensby Pond in your Summer-2016 adventures.

Happy C H E E R F U L Summer

“Our memories are the only paradise from which we can never be expelled.”


This Sunday, March 27th

Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

9:30 am – Adult Discussion:   Eric Jensen will again lead discussion on “Future of our Fellowship”.

10:30 am – Easter Egg hunt for the children! St Paul’s Episcopal church will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn for all children.

10:30 am – Worship Service:  Cort Cox, who is the Engagement Lead for the Blue Zones team, will be speaking to our Fellowship about the Klamath Falls Blue Zones Project, and how we as individuals and we as a Fellowship can participate in this exciting new project and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

There will be a social hour following the service, with coffee and refreshments.  All are invited to stay and visit!

Child Care is available!  The children’s religious education class will begin at9:45.