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  • January 2022 Archives by Barbara

    In December I promised to share more on Robert Bly, Amercian author, anti-war activist, who launched a men’s movement. Bly passed away November 2021, at  94.  Later I realized Bly had not visited UUFKC.  I had confused him with writer, Michael Pyle. The latter and a group of writers held workshops at OIT and UUFKC. […]

  • Cheerfulness, June 2016 Archives

    June ARCHIVES by Barbara Turk Our service March 13th saw cheerfulness, in abundance. Later I thought a stranger would have pondered that it was, in truth, a worship service. (We did call it, “Laughing at the Human Condition”!) I considered it a most enriching worship service, and then I found the following: “Cheerfulness is the […]