Sunday, May 8th service schedule

This Sunday, May 8th at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship:
9:30 am Adult Discussion:  “Positive Thinking” lead by Michal Kawka
9:45 am Children’s Education: Moral Tales, from the Tapestry of Faith curriculum
10:30 am Service: “Who are those Women?!”  Celebrating fore-mothers of Unitarian Universalism will be the worshipful morning with Rev. Patt Herdklotz.  From the Polish Unitarian woman who “founded” an egalitarian town, progressive light of Europe, in the 16th century, to Transcendentalist Margaret Fuller so ahead of her time, to Suffragists Susan B Anthony and Cady Stanton, to Sophia Lyon Fahs and modern religious education, many nods to religious heroines will be proudly remembered.
There will be a potluck after the service and all are invited to stay and socialize!
There will be a board meeting following the potluck.