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ARCHIVES SEPTEMBER 2017 by Barbara Turk

Condolences to the Ganong family on the loss of Guy A. Ganong.
Condolences to Sue Graves and Trish Seiler, and their families, on the loss of Mary, their sister.
Condolences to Chuck and Sally Wells on the loss of their brother-in-law.


“Get out of the silos. That’s not a covenantal relationship. So what is that? It’s the
hallmark of our UU theology and historical narrative.”

That from Rev. Nan of the Rogue Valley UU Fellowship.

Also from Nan: “Ministers only play a part—but you are the ones you have been
waiting for”. We’re not messianic, so pick a principle. (Your Worship Committee
will share UU principles in services, September to April 2018.


Tho we held no services in July and August, folks hosted weekly activities at the
hall, and many participated in various Basin summer parades and events.
THANKS to all!!!
Certainly no silos for UUFKC folks!!
“Oh brave new world that has such people in it!!” ( From THE TEMPEST, by guess who)


Sixty years ago we began our journey as a Unitarian fellowship. Our confirmation
letter, on letterhead of the American Unitarian Association, was dated April 1957.


In 1961 we became part of the Unitarian Universalist Association, post merger of
the two organizations.


Our 2017-18 calendar was organized in July by Worship Committee, with Chair
Julie Jackman, Marilyn Sutherland, Anne Prouty, Sandi Gear, Rev. Patt Herdklotz,
Sally Wells, Barbara Turk. Their efforts are not “in stone”. Suggestions or
comments are always welcome. Thanks to committee luncheon hosts Sally &
Chuck Wells.
A. Powell Davies, UU minister, wrote, “When you find a church or fellowship which
expresses the outlook and values you yourself hold as vital, you are depriving
both yourself and those values of needed strength…if you fail to identify yourself
with that church.” Your strengths have value for all of us as well, our



A recent Herald and News front page reminded me of Mark London. Mark had his
jewelry store on Main Street, but he just moved to California. (Diane will follow
after house sells.) Years ago Mark was our fellowship treasurer. About that time
he talked with the H&N about ditching the negative front page stories. Be positive!
Be it Mark or a corporate decision, generally there IS a positive piece on page
one. On July 16th a photo at page one TOP was U of O student, Vanessa
Matheson, daughter of our own Doug Matheson. That photo had a 5-column
inside article about Vanessa having been selected First Runner-up for Miss Teen
USA. She has participated in presentations at UUFKC, sharing the work of
Klamath Basin Youth Without Borders (KBYWB), which Doug helped organize.


CONGRATULATIONS to our “Little Libraries” creators and winners, Anya Kawka,
Emily Strauss, Jaime Palmer, and Annica Palmer. So much creativity and
sharing with our Basin community!!


In June I promised a UU saint article. Not forgetful, just too much to share this
This Fall we say FAREWELL to John Harrison; also Linda and George Orth.
June 2018 picnic at our adopted Sugar Pine #61, Hwy 66, MP 28.3. (September
2017 came up TOO fast.)
Beginning September 8th, in the Herald and News each Friday’s FAITH BRIEFS,
our Sunday services will be published, through June 2018.


“The past is our only real possession in life. It is the one piece of property of
which time cannot deprive us; it is our own in a way that nothing else in life is. In a
word, we are our past; we do not cling to it, it clings to us.” (Grace King, 1852 – 1932)
Archivist Barbara Turk