Renting Space for UUFKCs exclusive use

Board Explores Renting Space for UUFKC’s Exclusive Use

Chuck talked with the Episcopalian Church leaders and understands that they are willing to give us exclusive use of the Upstairs Meeting Room (where we currently meet).

We would like to discuss this idea over the next few months and hear input from the UUFKC fellowship.

Here is the plan for this process:

November 13th Board Meeting:

The Board will finalize our financial picture and projection for next year (maybe based on a couple of pledging totals);

The Board will create a proposal for congregational consideration with options, to be  sent by email and regular mail immediately after the November meeting.

December 11th Board Meeting:

The first half hour of the December Board Meeting will be a presentation of comments received to date and an open discussion of the proposals, and any recommendations by congregants. Absentee members may email or mail comments to the board prior. Note that in any situation it is those who speak up or show up that finally make the decision. This also would be the final announcement that we shall decide on the long range plan in January.

January 8th Board Meeting:

The Board will make the final decision on whether to sign a rental agreement with the Episcopalians.