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Barbara Turk

In November 2017 Death With Dignity is celebrating 20 years since Oregon voters affirmed the nation’s first Death With Dignity Act. What an achievement!!
Shortly after moving to Klamath Falls in 1994 I learned of Death With Dignity from Jim Kerns. I’ve been a member ever since. Jim had lost his wife to a lingering, unquieted cancer. He was brother to Ben Kerns, a UUFKC founder, and gave long-time financial assistance to the Fellowship. RIP Jim and Ben.

LET’S CONSIDER— “The rockets red glare”, the Rockettes of NYC’s Radio City Music Hall, or THE Rocky Mountains. And now the UUFKC ROCK, to allay fear (even if only to subdue or reduce intensity or severity); to make quiet FEAR!

On October 8th, Rev. Patt shared a, “Story For All Ages” and brought with her, from the hills of the Cascades, a rock to demonstrate to the children in attendance (also adults) to turn to the rock, lay hands on it, and release any/all fear to it! Primitive?? Maybe, but putting all in touch with that from whence we came, Mother Earth.

Our chalice represents TRUTH and LIGHT. Our Rock is LETTING GO, a form of meditation, and that’s healthy for spirit and body.

RECENT CALL—Had a quick call from Summer Cloud Ayers. She spent a few days in KF, and was preparing for more time in Georgia with daughter and granddaughter, now five! Summer and her mother (in California) are going to GA, via Florida, where an aunt of
Summer’s lost everything to a hurricane. Hopefully they’ll find a resettlement for her; and the sisters will have a great gab-fest.

WELCOME—Let’s all offer a big “HI” to Dawn Albright, who recently signed our membership book.

ON BELOVEDNESS— “I believe”. “I belong”. “I become.” “How important, how foundational a message is that. What we believe informs our ability to engage with one another in the kind of vision
and action that brings true societal transformation”.

Thanks to Jan Musgrove Elfers, Exec. Dir. Ecumenical Ministries of Oregon. She found those words on signs in front of a school.

PASTORAL CARE—-“Nuturing the Village”, is the way Rev. Patt put it at the October board meeting. Patt is always available for major life events, but maybe our future holds her caring for our flock for a  period, say at noon the second Saturdays, when she travels to be with us. Let’s not be shy about asking the board for enactment of this.

DOORS CLOSED—Having experienced our terrible 2011 loss of our home of 50 years to fire, let’s cooperate with St. Paul’s and respect their insurance overage, which states any/all doors are to be CLOSED when an area is not in use.


“Who will protect me?” “Who will witness my life?” “Who will value what I love?” “Where will I find respite?” “Where do I take refuge?”

And from Dr. Ysaye Marie Barnwell of Sweet Honey in the Rock: “Would you harbor me?” Food for thought from Rev. Meg Riley,
UU CLF Senior Minister


(Words have power) Pierce County (WA) Library