Nina Pence Recognized

Submitted by Barbara Turk.

On Sunday March 26th, at 2 PM in the Baldwin Hotel, a free program will be offered to recognize Women’s History Month—and Women of the Basin.
Among those to be recognized is NINA PENCE.  She passed away last year at 91 after almost two decades fighting cancer.  (I believe breast cancer.)  Talk about tenacity!
Nina supported our fellowship for years, financially,  as she was a thinker, and saluted, totally, our  UU Principles.  She was also a charter member of our local League of Women Voters, and had a fascinating career as an architect, based in Klamath Falls.
She always was a supporter of the arts and artists, and liked nothing better than a run to Ashland with friends for an OSF production.
For decades her  mentor-architect had possibly thee most regarded and busiest architectural office between Portland and Sacramento.  Lou and I live next door to one of Nina’s home-designs, the Dr. Thompson house, on Huron Street.
In 1944 Nina’s family was living in Blue Island, Ill where she graduated from high school. Then she was employed at the Dodge Chicago War Plant until war’s end.  (Maybe a true “Rosie the Riveter”???)
My favorite story of Nina was her 1945 beginning at the University of Michigan School of Architecture.  She and one other woman were in a class of 200 men.  (Just imagine!)
Nina never married, remaining ever devoted to family and her skill.  She passed away June 8, 2016, in the family home, where she had cared for her mother, who live into her nineties.   Nina’s mother was Christian Science, and Nina also financially supported their church (across from post office.)  That church is another of Nina’s designs.  (The entire list of her designs is mighty long.)
I’m sure later this month the H&N will carry news pieces about all the women to be recognized, but for now UU’s  have a personal connection to at least one of them.