June 1, 2021

Dear Members and Friends,

In the past year, our congregation has weathered some remarkable changes in the way in which we meet and worship, and in the very substance of our beliefs. We continue wading through the COVID-19 pandemic, and re-examining our relationship to racial justice and other deep social paradigms. It has been a challenging year on so many levels!

Nevertheless, the pandemic placed an opportunity in our laps that would not have occurred otherwise: the graceful and eloquent services of our Intern Minister, Alison Duren-Sutherland.

Interfaith Trans Day of Visibility Planning Team: Intern Minister Alison, Social Justice Chair Courtney, Board Chair Franny, UUFKC Member Nac, and Pastor Anthony of Kfalls Friends Church

Alison has skillfully assisted us in the process of developing meaningful worship via Zoom, as well as helping to build a deeper and hopefully long-lasting connection to our southern Oregon UU neighbors in Ashland and Grants Pass (collectively, we are Southern Oregon UU Partnership, or SOUUP).

  • Plans for a return to in-person services. We will evaluate where things stand in August
  • Opportunities for another intern minister to serve the SOUUP community (in 2022/23)
  • New and continued opportunities to connect with our SOUUP friends
  • Ongoing support for our Religious Education program. This may include ways we can enhance our kids’ UU experience through online opportunities with SOUUP

The pandemic created yet another wrinkle: our physical home at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church may face a change. Due to declining members, the Episcopalians were instructed to close their congregation and sell the building. For now, we are expecting to maintain our physical space for another year, but we have launched a committee to examine what our options are for the future, including remaining where we are, renting, or possibly purchasing a new worship space.

Please DOWNLOAD A PLEDGE FORM HERE to return via email ( or post mail to PO Box 391, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. You can also visit OUR PAYPAL DONATIONS PAGE to make one-time or monthly payments toward your pledge to support the Fellowship in FY 2021-22.  With your help we will continue to extend spiritual fellowship to all people, and to offer a forum for religious freedom and the pursuit of knowledge.

Thank you for your support and participation in our beloved community.

Franny Howes, UUFKC Board Chair; Janice Silvestri, Secretary; Julia Jackman, Treasurer; Dean Walchak & Connie Devry, Members at Large