June Chronicles by Barbara

In June 2004, a community organization, the Chiloquin Visions in Progress, had the grand opening and dedication of the Chiloquin Community Center, in Chiloquin. As quoted on our Sunday ZOOM, May 16, 2021, from Mariame  Kaba, ”Every vision is a map”.

Let let us acknowledge two of our own for their years of, “mapping” efforts for CVIP,  Sally and Chuck Wells,  THANK YOU! 

We open our Sunday services acknowledging the First People—the Klamath, Modoc and Yahooskin— who occupied the land the USPS now calls Klamath Falls, and its environs.

The April 2021 SMITHSONIAN magazine had an article, “THE PROMISE of  O K L A H O M A—How the push for statehood led a beacon of racial progress to oppression and violence”. 

In the article, I found an answer to a lifelong, woeful question. Why are some humankind so destructive, seemingly obsessed to hurt / harm others?  My lifelong thought:  A baby cries for nourishment & comfort—basically for survival.  Then transformation begins.

From article I learned that in 1893 a former Massachusetts senator, being mystified by Native Americans’ practices of sharing resources without trying to exploit them for personal profit, reported to the board of Indian Commissioners in Washington, 

“There is no selfishness, which is at the bottom of civilization” He added, “Until this people consent to give up their lands…they will not make much progress”.

Many of us know the reality of his, “progress” reeks of world colonization, aka profits for the selfish.  UU’s have seven (soon maybe eight) principles, all totally void of selfishness!!!

Sunday, May 16th, our joint ZOOM service with Grants Pass UU’s,  was, “Abolition: Our History and Our Future”. Talk about connection: magazine article & service topic.  After service, at “chat”, one gent noted the answer usually is the upbringing of any human baby.

Richard Rodgers’ music and Oscar Hammerstein’s lyrics got it perfect in their South Pacific song,  “YOU’VE GOT TO BE CAREFULLY TAUGHT”.  Gentlemen, AMEN!