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OUR PAST: Once upon a time we became adoptive parents, and recently were

reminded of that history by long-time members, Anita and John Ward. The

UUFKC adopted a Sugar Pine on 05 June 2000. Our certificate reads, “Adoptive

Parent of a branch of “The Community Tree” Pinus Iambertiana Sugar Pine, # 61,

MP 28.3 Hwy 66, Ashland”. Early Fall how about a picnic by our adoptee??

CUTE: How about the Wall Street, “Defiant Girl” statue staring down the Wall

Street bull, wearing her pussy hat, hands on her hips, and put in place to

encourage financial institutions to hire more women to thrive ABOVE that glass

ceiling. She’s in league with Rev. Patt’s Queen Esther Story-for-All-Ages last

March 12th.

ANCIENT HISTORY: UU’s have a singular “saint”, and his name is Michael

Servetus. In fact, a Vancouver, Washington UU church bears his name. But,

more on him another time.

MENTOR: It seems, “RIFF” was predominant in scripts of recent months’ news

programs. Our fellowship had one, many, many years ago (we’re NOT saints!).

Interestingly, one of the candidates for UUA president, to be chosen this month at

General Assembly in New Orleans, is Rev. Jeanne Pupke.* She came to Klamath

Falls as a mediator to understand our, “disunion”, then sooth-over our very painful

schism. * (See UU WORLD, Spring, 2017, pg. 61.)

At the conclusion of her research in 2005 she wrote, “Your willingness to share

your stories (sides) has fostered learning and so, even your trials and tribulations,

you have served UU’s of Klamath Falls. There can be no better definition of being

a UU, to give, even when one has been hurt and marginalized.”

MEMBERSHIP BOOK: Rev. Jack Mendelson, a UU minister (1918-2012)

reminded us, “Inscribing your name in the Membership Book does not transform

you into an instant born-again UU. Our religious way of life is not so much an

arriving as a becoming—an on-going process of thought and life experience”.

Rev. Patt recently shared that Starr King, where she studied for the ministry,

purposely WANTS minister-candidates with LOTS of life experiences. That’s one

reason she chose it for study. Interesting.

ESSENCE: What is ours?? Well, how many people are actively participating at

any moment / hour, and there you have it. It’s not location, location, location, but

by person, by person, by person.

OUR COLLIER CONNECTION: Early May I had a brief visit with Janet Larson.

Her mother is Carolyn Collier Larson (96). Carolyn’s father had the first cold

storage building in K Falls. Then there’s the Collier Logging Museum (park) north

of town, etc., etc.

Carolyn’s house sits on the hillside right above our old Pine Grove site on Hwy

140, and she and UUFKC friend, and architect, Nina Pence designed Carolyn’s

lovely abode. Nina passed in 2016 at 92, and was recognized this past March as

one of Outstanding Basin Women for Women’s History Month-2017.

Carolyn was sister-in-law to a UUFKC founder, Ben Kerns. Ben served in the

army during WW II, and post-war, repatriated remaining Nazi death camp

internees to hospitals (or morgues). Upon returning from his military service, he

spent some time in NYC for school, and he found a “good fit” with the then-
Unitarian Church.

Carolyn had experienced the devastation of refugees’ lives doing post-war work to

relocate them from their war-torn homelands.

Once back home, she and Ben were joined by others, and so in 1957 we became

the Unitarian Fellowship of Klamath Falls. After the blending of Unitarians and

Universalists in 1961, we became the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of

Klamath County, or UUFKC.

In the 2011 fire we lost our original, “UNITARIAN FELLOWSHIP” sign. I think it

was handmade, but I don’t know by whom. Also lost was a lovely lectern and PA

system that had been donated by Carolyn and her family.

Janet was pleased to visit the UU’s in, “our new place”. She was happy to see the

seeds her mother, Ben and others planted after the horror of WW II have found

continued strength and still share the UU message with this community. PLUS,

the chalice remains lit, and the door remains open to ALL.

Did you know our chalice symbol is also a WW II story?? (I could go on, and on,

and on…)

So, here we are at the close of my message. In July and August we do not hold

regular Sunday services, and no newsletter (tho emails may abound). That does

not mean our spirits are not, “out ’n about”, and actively living our UU principles.

Full speed ahead on that matter! And do enjoy your


And, HELP!! Does anyone know where my PBS / Ken Burns SHARPS’ WAR

book is hiding??

If you’ve finished with it, please return it to the lectern. I think the Worship

Committee may find it interesting for Fall 2017 service(s). Thanks!


Barbara Turk