July News from Barbara


As most of you know we have a small condo in Portland.  A good  investment, and it keeps family relationships at a most congenial level.  I’m an at-large board member, and we share a Home Owners  Assoc (HOA) magazine subscription.

In a recent issue I read about HOA self-management. Our HOA is self-managed, just like our fellowship. Our 5-member board, all volunteers and retired except for two, use expertise from former jobs, and just common sense in our management.   And THANK GOODNESS for bylaws!!!   

That brings me to our fellowship.  We, too, are lay-led (since Day One), have bylaws, and volunteers have been the heart (and soul!) of our organization.  I share this from that HOA subscription noted above: ”A breakdown in the volunteer system spells disaster for continuity.  Today’s house-a-fire is tomorrow’s, ”burn out”.

Share your talents when asked, or even if not asked.  We all want our community to grow, like house-a-fire.  (Sorry—but you know what I mean!)  We must avoid burnouts of our absolutely marvelous family. Let’s be a real community.  Webster says such is a, “Unified body of individuals”.  So true!!   (And so UU!)

Let us be like a tricycle—balanced, sharing responsibilities, and sharing with one another in even the smallest of small endeavors.

Q:   Why can’t a bike stand on its own?   A:  It’s too tired.

Also, THANKS to member Anita Ward for her recent Archives  contributions.

And friend, David Hedelman, co-pastor of UCC church, has accepted a board position in the foster grandparents in schools program.

When I turned 70, I read,  At Seventy – A journal  (1984), by May Sarton.  May was a poet, novelist, and memoirist. She and  her  partner resided in New England.  She was  quite the gardener; her partner a UU.  

From May Sarton (1912-1995):

“Each day and the living of it, has to be a conscious creation in which discipline and order are relieved with some play and pure foolishness”.


And savor lots  of foolishness.

Barbara Turk