July Chronicles by Barbara

On a sad note, we lost a friend, Glenn Justus, in March. A fine
musician, also builder of beautiful harps (maybe a leprechaun at
heart from his heritage). He was a guitarist, harpist, story

His parents immigrated from Ireland to Appalachia, so his
talents came from both origins. Our Archives hold notices of
Glenn playing for us at the Pine Grove building. He performed
in the region for decades, including children’s concerts, through
library programs.

In April, volunteers across “Klamath Country” were recognized,
including our own Michael J. Fitzgerald, and friend, Marc Kane,
executive director of Klamath Basin Senior Citizens’ Center.

This July Pat and David Hedelman celebrate 21 years of shared
pastorship of Congregational United Church of Christ, on
Garden Street. Organized in 1898, the building was
constructed in 1932. Good Wishes dear friends & your Beloved

–Barbara H.Turk, Archivist