Grounds Work Day at our property on 140 east

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Subject: Grounds Work Day at our property on 140 east
Date: October 20, 2013 2:08:29 PM PDT
To: Julia Jackman <>
Reply-To: Scott W <>

Julia, Please send this notice out asap so people can plan for it.    Thx Scott

    It has been a while since the old place has seen a good old fashion “work day” and the need is great, for safety and legal reason as well as just being good neighbors. So we are calling for a Grounds Work day for next Saturday Oct 26 10:00am to Noonish. Chores to include mowing, raking, limbing, trash collection, etc.
    What to bring, yourself(and a friend or loved one), rakes, shovels, pruning saws/shears, weed wackers, gloves, garbage bags, drinking water(no running water on site) and a dish to share,( no real kitchen facilities so try to make it finger food). I will try to make sure there will be a BBQ and Camp stove available, a folding chair may come in handy too.
     Remember there are no restroom facilities on site, hopefully we can set up a shuttle system to accommodate.
If you can’t attend no problem, just please send positive energy……..