December info…

Hello fellow UU’ers!

As some of us discussed last week, we’d like to do some work this fall to encourage a healthy and sustainable membership for our church. Towards this end we’ll be sending out an e-mail to encourage attendance and may follow-up with phone calls. In addition, a few of us have identified the second service in December – SUNDAY, DECEMBER 7 – as our next “Bring a Friend Sunday Service”. This means that this service in particular will be tailored towards new and returning members and we hope to have a great turn-out! Reverend Stephen Ames will be providing the service and we hope to highlight who we are to prospective members. Robert Sears has volunteered to place special ads in the paper (thank you Robert!) inviting folks to the December Sunday Service and our hope is that everyone who attends will bring an interested friend.

More information to come but I wanted to let our congregation know now to mark your calendars for December 7 and start thinking about a friend you might bring. We have a wonderful group – one that offers individual spiritual growth and community building – and this is our opportunity to share what we offer. Thanks so much for your support!

-Julie Murray-Jensen