Circle Dinners

Circle Dinners are a monthly gathering of 6 people to share food and get acquainted. They can be a powerful tool for creating community in any sized congregation, and with the recent growth at UUFKC, it’s a great time to start this program!
Sign up by emailing Teryson.  She will put you in a group with 6 other people. You can sign up with your partner if you wish, regardless of whether your partner attends UUFKC.  Deadline to Sign up is April 15
Please let Teryson know if you would be willing to be a Host. Hosts call their guests early in the month to decide who brings what. The host provides the main dish. Others bring appetizers, bread, side dishes, and dessert.
The host discusses with the group at the first dinner future dates and times. Participants learn to keep that date open. A host who wants a different date is always free to arrange it with guests.
Avoid congregational business at dinners, focusing on getting acquainted.
These dinners are a good way to bring people closer. We get to know people in ways that we cannot on Sunday morning. And it’s especially good for new people.
After meeting once a month for 6 months, participants can choose whether they’d like to participate again, and then groups will be shuffled for a new 6-month period.
Questions: contact Teryson