Church Chronicles May 2018

by Barbara Turk


Call it a clan, Call it a network, Call it a tribe, Call it a family.
Whatever you call it, Whoever you are, You need one.
(Jane Howard, 1935 – 1996)

To the naturals and the mothering-moms
in our clan, network, tribe, family,
and all around the world as well,


I was blessed to have three mothers—my birth mother (so wise). While my parents worked my care-giver-mother took charge of me 24/5. She also prepared evening  meals, from shared ration books (it was WW II).  Every weekday evening we ate as a family.   Weekends I went home with Mom and Dad.  The next week the same, until I started kindergarten in 1943.
My caregiver’s daughter was 21 when I was born, so she became my third mother; AND at age 75, was my witness when Lou and I married (1993).
Wish I could sit down with each of you and hear your stories of Mother. I will share one unforgettable Mother’s Day service at our former Pine Grove site,  we heard about one mother from hell. No kidding!  Such is real life.
Enjoy your big and small  memories, even the hurtful ones. They’re YOURS, your possession, to deal with, and grow. Hopefully you’ll have many to cherish, with gusto.

In a March Inquirers’ Class it was noted (as always) UU’ism is a non-creedal church. (It is!)  Here’s a creed I think any denomination or belief system could agree:
Let me be a little kinder,
Let me be a little blinder
To the faults of those around me.      (Edgar A. Guest)

Labeled, “The People’s Poet”, Guest penned a hefty  11,000 poems. They were syndicated in 300 newspapers, including the Detroit Free Press, and collected in 20 books. He  was made Poet Laureate of Michigan, the only poet to be awarded the title.  My mother was a Guest admirer, but she just  dabbled in poetry.
Guest and I are Detroit kids, tho he was born in England in 1881, and moved with  family to Detroit in 1891.  (All a tad before my time!
His grand-niece, Judith Guest, also a daughter of Detroit, is a novelist and screenwriter.  She authored, “Ordinary People”.

Just learned a new poetry group, a “starter set”, includes our own Carol Imani, Sally Wells and Emily Strauss, plus UU friends Ron Crete, Nicole Sanchez and Charlie McGonigle.  Emily will be first to read poetry at Quail Park. Eventually, all will do so. Way to go, “Starter Set”!!