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Solstice Meditation

Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 7 PM – 7:45 PM
Step away from the holiday bustle and enter a time of silence, song and reflection on the Winter Solstice.

The Taize style of meditation involves simple melodies repeated over and over in a prayerful way, interspersed with periods of silence. Our Taize-inspired service is open to all people regardless of your faith tradition, or no faith tradition.

Peace Pole Re-Dedication

Peace Pole Re-Dedication Ceremony

September 23rd, 10:00 am  The simple ceremony will include blessings from multiple faith traditions and cultures, singing, and is open to the public.  Regular Sunday Service at 10:30 follows.


A Peace Pole is the simplest of monuments – a wood pole with the words “May Peace Prevail on Earth” inscribed in several languages.

The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County will host a re-dedication ceremony of their Peace Pole on Sunday, September 23rd, 2018 at 10:00 am. ((  Join the event on Facebook!

This particular peace pole was originally installed in June 1998 beside the former Pine Grove School building which in those days was owned by UUFKC and served as their meeting place.

Twenty years ago, when Connee Pike-Urlacher and Robert Pike-Urlacher lost their second son,  Baby Oliver (in utero)  they  chose  the Peace Pole  as a memorial.    They chose the eight languages to adorn the pole with the message “May Peace Prevail on Earth”. Hebrew and Arabic were included for the two nations in a conflict at that time, Israel and Palestine, hoping for a peaceful resolution.

“It was the second Peace Pole in Klamath Falls, that I’m personally aware of, ” says Barbara Turk, UUFKC archivist. “Its  dedication was a tribute of hope for good will in our world, and a path from extreme grief to continued living for the Pike-Urlacher family.”

The 1998 dedication drew people of many  faiths and cultures who shared a beautiful summer day with one another,  and heard inspiring speakers on peace between nations and peace between neighbors.

Pine Grove Schoolhouse, former home of UUFKC, which burned in 2011

When the Pine Grove School building burned in 2011, the firefighters on the scene were able to rescue the Peace Pole from the blaze. It has lain in storage for seven years until this summer when a friend of the Fellowship restored the pole’s base and readied it for re-installation at the Unitarian Fellowship’s current home at 801 Jefferson st.

“The message of peace is universal,” says UUFKC board chair, Anya Kawka. “I see this pole as a symbol of humanity’s shared hope for peace. No one wants to live through war and strife. Republican or Democrat, Christian or Jew, we are all trying to live our best lives and care for our families. We have more in common than we do in conflict.”

The Unitarian Universalists have shared a building with St Paul’s Episcopal Church for seven years now. The Episcopalians have been very supportive of the installation of the rescued Peace Pole on the grounds of the church, and will be participating in the dedication ceremony.  “It just shows how much we share,” emphasizes Kawka. “Although we worship differently on Sunday mornings, we are able to come together around this simple prayer for peace.”

The Peace Pole Re-Dedication ceremony is open to the public.

Honoring Reverend Patt

You are invited to celebrate Reverend Patt Herdklotz’s 9 years of service with our fellowship!

June 10th, 2018  10:30 am
In a special Sunday Service we will honor Reverend Patt through ritual, song, and words. A potluck feast will follow.

We are so grateful for the many gifts that Reverend Patt has shared with our Fellowship through difficult times and in wonderful times.

As Patt moves toward retirement and our growing fellowship explores other ministerial resources, we will take the time to recognize and celebrate her service to our congregation. Even though she will no longer be our minister, Reverend Patt remains a part of our community.

A note from Reverend Patt, June 4th, 2018:

Dearest UUFKC Friends,

I have been honored to worship with and provide support services for you for nine years–you are very dear to my heart.

At 71 years of age, I have been looking toward my truly being retired. The UUFKC Board has been considering new horizons for the Fellowship, including opening new ministerial possibilities. The Board and I agreed to this being my last year of service to the Fellowship. My last Sunday with you will be June 10, 2018, my closing service of this season. After June 10th, I must excuse myself professionally from any further activity with the UUFKC congregation, including rites of passage, worship and support services, and social visits. This is standard Unitarian Universalist protocol with all congregations, and it allows the congregation to explore new ministries and ministerial relationships. My absence will demonstrate my love for you, my respect for my ministerial colleagues, and my faith in a process that will allow you, the wonderful UUFKC, to blossom. I wish you all the best!

Our worship service June 10th will be a retrospective and celebration of my years with you. I hope you will come and celebrate our rich nine years together.

With all my love,

Yours in the Unitarian Universalist faith,

Rev. Patt Herdklotz

New Board Members 2018


Hello Klamath Falls UU, I am Honored to be your Treasurer. I will do my best to provide the financial information needed to expand our Fellowship.
I came from Modesto, Ca and was a member of the UU there for 11 years. I sold Scrip (Gift Cards), gathered and created groups for the Circle Dinners. I donated services for the Silent Auctions.
I moved here in November of 2017 and have been volunteering where I can while setting up my home.


I am a Native Texan, born and raised in Dallas and a graduate of the University of Texas at Austin. I worked as a newspaper reporter for several years, then as an editor at Hoover’s Online (now owned by Dun & Bradstreet), a business information publisher. Later, I was a bill analyst for the Texas Legislature and public information officer for the Texas Comptroller.

My most interesting volunteer gig was a summer in Honduras testing dairy cattle for infections. I’ve also been a Girl Scout Leader, PTA lady, and lacrosse mom. I find a lot of peace and joy in gardening. One of my favorite books: Prodigal Summer by Barbara Kingsolver.

The UU Fellowship, because I want to be around like-minded people. This photo is from Election Night 2008.



Building Beloved Community

Sunday, May 20th, 2018
We will welcome Reverend Sarah Schurr as guest speaker at our regular 10:30 am worship service.

Rev. Sarah Schurr will help us look at Martin Luther King’s ideas of Beloved Community and what might help us live into those values in our Unitarian Universalist Congregations.  We will explore what could be getting in our way, and what can help us thrive with compassion and generosity.  Rev. Sarah Schurr is our congregation’s primary contact from the Pacific Western Region of the UUA, and specializes in supporting small and growing congregations.

Special Workshop

All members and friends are invited to join Sarah after the service for a 90 minute mini-workshop to help build Beloved Community here in our Fellowship.  This is an interactive event that is thoughtful as well as fun. We will explore and honor the inherent worth and dignity of each person as we cherish our past and walk towards our future.  Everyone is welcome, including children.

Annual Meeting agenda 2018

Annual Congregational Meeting will be held at 12:00 pm on April 8th, 2018, in the UU Fellowship Hall at 801 Jefferson Street.

All members and friends of UUFKC are invited to attend. Only members who have signed the book may vote.


Start time: 12:00 pm

Registration of members & non-voting friends

Declaration of Quorum

Report from board Chair (Anya)
Questions and discussion of this information

Report from Treasurer (Eric)
Presentation of proposed Budget
Questions and discussion of this information

Election of board members 
Nominating Committee presents slate

Any other business according to our bylaws

This concludes the business portion of the meeting.

Slideshow & Feel Good activity

End time: 1:20 pm

Emma Marris: Nature is Everywhere

This Sunday, April 1, 2018, environmental writer Emma Marris will speak to us about finding nature everywhere. This month we explore the seventh UU principle, RESPECT FOR THE INTERDEPENDENT WEB OF ALL EXISTENCE OF WHICH WE ARE A PART.

Emma Marris’ book, Rambunctious Garden is an important read for anyone who cares about the environment.

Learn more at

Service begins at 10:30 at 801 Jefferson Street, upstairs. Anya will be service leader. There will be an easter egg hunt for kids at about 10:40, organized by the Episcopalians.

Circle Dinners

Circle Dinners are a monthly gathering of 6 people to share food and get acquainted. They can be a powerful tool for creating community in any sized congregation, and with the recent growth at UUFKC, it’s a great time to start this program!
Sign up by emailing Teryson.  She will put you in a group with 6 other people. You can sign up with your partner if you wish, regardless of whether your partner attends UUFKC.  Deadline to Sign up is April 15
Please let Teryson know if you would be willing to be a Host. Hosts call their guests early in the month to decide who brings what. The host provides the main dish. Others bring appetizers, bread, side dishes, and dessert.
The host discusses with the group at the first dinner future dates and times. Participants learn to keep that date open. A host who wants a different date is always free to arrange it with guests.
Avoid congregational business at dinners, focusing on getting acquainted.
These dinners are a good way to bring people closer. We get to know people in ways that we cannot on Sunday morning. And it’s especially good for new people.
After meeting once a month for 6 months, participants can choose whether they’d like to participate again, and then groups will be shuffled for a new 6-month period.
Questions: contact Teryson