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A COVID Carol by Sally

O come all ye sinners

            but only up to six feet

                        and smile

            behind your mask

It’s the festive season

            see the traffic

                        and the mobs out shopping    

            don’t go there

Retreat to Zoom

            and look your best

                        lipstick and earrings

                                    sweatpants and slippers

Send your love

            across the airwaves

spread it into cyberspace

            podcasts and YouTube

                        let it go viral

O listen all you citizens of

            right here on earth

                        can you hear the stirrings

                                    can you smell the ozone

it’s time, it’s time, it’s past time

No chance to go back now

                        =this just in=

                                    it’s a new morn, a new day

Embrace the change, be the change

                                    Glory, hallelujah

This COVID Carol was shared at our December 27th Discussion Worship by fellowship member Sally. We are pleased to share it here with her permission.

Samhain Silent Supper

Weds. Oct 30th 6:30 – 8:00 pm at UU Fellowship Hall

This ritual supper, from the Wiccan holiday of Samhain, honors dead ancestors with a potluck supper eaten in silence. This article in UUWorld describes some of the ritual’s roots.

For our potluck, you are invited to bring some ‘soul food’ that may come from a family recipe or that reminds you of your ancestors. You are also invited to bring a token or photo of loved ones who have died. 
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Church Chronicles

If you are Jewish, feel free to wish me “HAPPY HANUKKAH”.
If you are Christian you can wish me, “MERRY CHRISTMAS”.
If you are African American/Canadian, wish me a, “JOYOUS KWANZAA”.
If you have no affiliation you can wish me, “HAPPY HOLIDAYS”.

Whatever the expression I’ll not be offended.  It will be the thought that you cared enough to wish me well.   Whoopi Goldberg put it thus:  “We are many things”.  And as David Hedelman shared:  “We all are we”.
In this holiday month do keep your sense of humor, count your blessings, and GO JOLLY!!!!!
                               Barbara Turk

Solstice Meditation

Thursday, December 20, 2018 at 7 PM – 7:45 PM
Step away from the holiday bustle and enter a time of silence, song and reflection on the Winter Solstice.

The Taize style of meditation involves simple melodies repeated over and over in a prayerful way, interspersed with periods of silence. Our Taize-inspired service is open to all people regardless of your faith tradition, or no faith tradition.

Solstice Meditation

Take a break from the holiday bustle to reflect on the stillness and darkness of the solstice. Music inspired by the Taize tradition.

Thursday, December 21st

7:00 pm at the UU Fellowship Hall.   No cost.  Led by Anya.


Great Cookie Off!

December 13th, 7:00 pm in the UU Fellowship Hall.

Do you like eating or cooking sweat treats?  Join us for a lovely night of cookie baking and tasting.

We are combining all our end-of-the-year favorites. We will be making cookies competitively in a non-competitive atmosphere!  Bring your own cookie dough, or just come to sample!
Hosted by Franny, Annica and Janelle


Fun UU Retreat in August

Everyone is invited to Polly and Judy’s cabin on the Sprague River north of Bly for a fun social time on the river! Fly fishing is purportedly great, and wading in the water is great for kids.

stock-vector-happy-girl-floating-on-the-water-in-an-inner-tube-flotation-device-144637259Saturday, August 13th

Starting at 10:00 am – play all day! (Overnighters need to RSVP to Polly)

Bring a swimsuit, fishing pole and food to share!

River day Flyer with Directions to cabin


The Worship Planning Committee may also be holding their planning meeting during this retreat. Contact David or Rev Patt about Worship planning.

Summer Picnic

Outdoor picnic setting with wine

Sunday, June 26th: This will be our last hurrah before taking a break from our weekly gatherings over the summer.

9:30 am, Meet as usual for Adult Discussion at the Episcopal Church meeting room

10:30 am, Chuck Wells will lead us in a short, simple service at the meeting room.

11:00 ish, we will all go to Moore Park for a Summer Picnic!
Join fellow Unitarians for a relaxing time by the lake, play some lawn games, and enjoy the fellowship of our community!
Bring your own plates and utensils, food, and a blanket or chair.
We will gather near the playground & lake at Lower Moore park.

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Goodbye ceremony at the old property

PineGroveOn June 12th the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County will have gathering and picnic, to say “Goodbye” to the historic property, as it is in the proces of being sold.
All interested are welcome to join the fellowship’s short farewell ceremony, and afterward stay for a “bring-your-own-picnic” among the pine groves and cottonwoods. The now giant cottonwoods were mere saplings in a 1913 photo in the fellowship’s Archives.
The 1910 school building burned in January 2011. Only the fireplace, built by the second owner and an architect, Sheldon Brumbaugh, remains. Brumbaugh used the building for his office. From 1960 to 2016 the fellowship was the third property owner, having purchased the property from Brumbaugh’s widow.

This Sunday, March 27th

Easter Sunday, March 27, 2016

9:30 am – Adult Discussion:   Eric Jensen will again lead discussion on “Future of our Fellowship”.

10:30 am – Easter Egg hunt for the children! St Paul’s Episcopal church will be hosting an Easter Egg hunt on the lawn for all children.

10:30 am – Worship Service:  Cort Cox, who is the Engagement Lead for the Blue Zones team, will be speaking to our Fellowship about the Klamath Falls Blue Zones Project, and how we as individuals and we as a Fellowship can participate in this exciting new project and lead healthier, more fulfilling lives.

There will be a social hour following the service, with coffee and refreshments.  All are invited to stay and visit!

Child Care is available!  The children’s religious education class will begin at9:45.