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  • Summer Newsletter

    Summer Newsletter: We are taking our traditional summer break but there are still some exciting opportunities to get involved in. 1 message Klamath Unitarians <> Fri, Jul 29, 2022 at 2:37 PM Reply-To: To:   Sunset Bandon Oregon Photo Credit David Ramirez Announcements Summer Recess It’s almost August and I’m sending the August newsletter […]

  • Summer Recess – Pantry and Garden

    Summer Recess Last Sunday June 26th marked the end of our church year and the beginning of our summer recess. I’m looking forward to some summer fun and relaxation and I am very excited about our upcoming Fellowship Year, 2022 to 2023.  We will be welcoming our new intern QuianaDenae (kēy-AH-nuh deh-NAY) Perkins to the Southern […]

  • History: Not Yester-year, but in These Moments

    Barbara Turk, Archivist HAPPY MAY, HAPPY JUNE—Brides, graduations, retirements, anticipation of summer. THANKS Janice Sylvesti and Dean Walchuk, moving off our board,  as of July 1st.  And Janice is retiring from KCC. Mid-June she and Joe will be moving.  Our loss, Eugene’s gain! There is a  May-June retirement in Portland.  And it’s the perfect example […]

  • January 2022 Archives by Barbara

    In December I promised to share more on Robert Bly, Amercian author, anti-war activist, who launched a men’s movement. Bly passed away November 2021, at  94.  Later I realized Bly had not visited UUFKC.  I had confused him with writer, Michael Pyle. The latter and a group of writers held workshops at OIT and UUFKC. […]

  • Powerful Social Justice Statements Made by General Assembly 2021

    Powerful Social Justice Statements Made by General Assembly 2021

    In her final service to UUFKC, Intern Minister Alison attended Unitarian Universalist General Assembly (all online) as our delegate, proudly voting for Rev. Sam Trumbore for Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA) Board of Trustees, as well as for the Statement of Conscience and Social Witness Statements passed by General Assembly. Statements of Conscience come as the […]

  • Sunday SERVICES; 11am

    Sunday SERVICES; 11am

    April’s Theme: AwakeningMay’s Theme: Nurturing BeautyJune’s Theme: Play UUFKC Sunday Service 2021-2022 We are now meeting 11:00-12:00 as of March 13, 2022.We will be meeting for now face to face on the second and fourth Sunday of the month at 1918 Oregon Avenue (Friends Church), downstairs, on the same side of the building as the […]

  • Aspirations by Alison: Merry Part, A Farewell Message

    Aspirations by Alison: Merry Part, A Farewell Message

    On Solstice night, I realized I’d spent most of my day inside, offering my last worship service with you in the morning, followed by RVUUF’s coffee hour and a Father’s Day celebration at my dad’s house. So I set off for a walk, on the longest day of the year, with the sun still bright […]

  • District Assembly Update: Moving Toward Regionalization

    District Assembly Update: Moving Toward Regionalization

    At the request of the Board, our Intern Minister Alison represented UUFKC at the recent Pacific Northwest District Assembly. Like our upcoming General Assembly, this was an all-online event, but instead of bringing together congregations from across the country, District Assembly brought together congregations from Oregon, Washington, Alaska, and Idaho to vote on the business […]

  • Aspirations by Alison: Being Human Together

    Aspirations by Alison: Being Human Together

    Thirty-five years ago, I met two of the most important people in my life: the little boy who would become my husband, Jamie; and the little girl who has been my best friend ever since, Emily. I met these two beautiful people as a result of the elementary school community that all our families were […]

  • May Chronicles by Barbara

    Having turned 83 in April,  I share these words of Jack Nicol, who passed 31 December 2020:  “It’s a big job keeping up with a young heart and mind”.   (H&N Feb. 2021) ’Tis May. Let’s remember Mother’s Day.  “Moms make life half as hard, and twice as good.”  (A necklace)     One gift from […]

  • Toward Greater Humanity: Seven Insights into Anti-Racism Work with Kokayi Nosakhere on April 12 @6pm

    “Since 1675 this American experiment with race and racism is so off-balanced, it makes people think they have to  attain a PhD to learn how to be human.” – Kokayi Nosakhere, community organizer and Black man living in Southern Oregon, 2021 Most Americans in 2021 acknowledge racism remains a prevalent societal ill. The question becomes […]

  • April Chronicles By Barbara

    NOTES FROM THE ARCHIVES, PLUS UPDATES ON SOME PAST MEMBERS Spring has officially arrived. Let’s start with THUMBS UP for two former board members.  First, SALUD to Wendy & Bob Millard. On March 13th Wendy emailed: “On the 15th we have a crew coming to rake the soil on our 3 city lots below our […]