Annual Meeting to be Sunday April 10

Members and friends of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County are invited to our Annual Meeting on Sunday, April 10th in the fellowship Room of Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, 801 Jefferson Street in Klamath Falls. The meeting will follow our 10:30 morning service. Also planned is a pot luck luncheon. After all have served themselves we will begin the meeting.

There are several key items that may require some careful consideration and may take some discussion time.


12:00 Pot Luck

12:20 Call to Order – Chuck

Circulate sign in meeting sheet (with any changes in information to update our records

Approve Agenda: Any additions?

12:25 Approve Minutes of Annual Meeting 2015 – Sue


12:30 Treasurer’s Report – Anya

12:40 Board Report – Chuck

2015-2016 Pledge report to date

Fiscal Report

Estimated Balance June 30th

1. General plans for our Fellowship presence have grown over the past year out of a

recognized need to attract new members including those with children; and some

members who have been consistently supportive of keeping the present program alive are

leaving. Also, we have a new Social Media crew that are interested in publishing our

developing program to the wider community.

In order to keep our present program going and to develop a broader appeal we need

IMMEDIATE HELP in filling two primary needs:

Worship Committee (Develops service schedule; Assists service leader development;

Announces services in H&N, website, other social media etc.;

Recruits greeters and social hour hosts / hostesses)

Newsletter Editor (Develops / produces monthly newsletter for email distribution;

maintains mailing list; submits newsletter to social media coordinator)

2. Modified By-Laws were developed to supplant those developed after the fire and

somehow misplaced. They were attached to the call to Meeting in order that you could be

comfortable with them prior to a motion to approve them.

12:55 Property Proposal Recommendation – Chuck

Proposal attached in email Call to Meeting

Request Motion to Approve that will provide Board Direction to proceed.

1:15 Election of Board Members

1:20 Approval of 2016 – 2017 Budget

1:30 Approval of Agreement with Reverend Patt Herdklotz for 2016 – 2017

1:35 Pledge Campaign for Fiscal Year 2016 -2017

1:45 Any Other Business ? Adjourn