Addition to January newsletter

UU Fellowshippers – My apologies to Carol Imani..she asked that I include this in the newsletter, and it was unfortunately  forgotten amid the usual piecing together of items. So here it is:
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Carol Imani would like to offer big hugs to all of those at the December 29th service who gave her a contribution for Kevin Jackson’s tuition. She appreciates it greatly and will keep the fellowship up to date on how the fundraising effort is going and Kevin’s progress in preparing for the program and progress in general.   And she’d like to say, again, that she will miss you all!

Here’s an excerpt from Kevin’s most recent letter to her: “What I actually would like to do is be some sort of counselor for “at risk” youth.  I would love to be able to be a mentor or work in some capacity with teens who are headed down the wrong path.  I feel like my experience and insight can be valuable in helping kids turn their lives around before they get too far gone. I want to do this because I feel that had I had a positive male role model in my life, who was really there to guide me, I would have straightened up and avoided spending so much of my life in prison.  Also, I know that I can never right what I’ve done wrong, but I do want to leave a positive legacy.  I’ve caused enough pain and destruction.  I want to try to do my part in helping change the “gang mentality” and be an asset to my community.”