A small change of plans this weekend, February 10, at the UU Fellowship…

Our scheduled community speaker, Lynn Schonchin, has fallen to the evil virus that is haunting Klamath Falls, and cannot make it on Sunday. So, in his stead we will enjoy a joint “This I Believe” presentation delivered by Phil Studenberg and Jody Daniels.
Pre-Service Discussion:

What kinds of social change have we, as individuals, been involved in trying to bring about? In other words, what causes are closest to our hearts and what have we done to advance them? What more needs to be done? What kinds of involvement seem to be the most effective? Are there other causes which you’ve been wanting to involve yourselves with or involve yourself with more fully? What are they and what would you like to do?

Also, add this to your Feb. Newsletter:

The topic of Rev. Alex Holt’s service, on Feb. 24th will be

“The God Problem: Spiritual Evolution and Unitarian Universalism”

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