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Barbara Turk

In a shop I see a card and think of someone—friend or family member. In late 2016 I realized I had collected a stash of three assorted cards for one December birthday of a high school chum. (Indeed, a special friend.) In another recent shop I found a card that stated:

Call it a clan, Call it a network, Call it a tribe, Call it a family.

Whatever you call it, Whoever you are, You need one. (Jane Howard, 1935 – 1996)

To the naturals and the mothering-moms in our clan, network, tribe, family, and all around the world as well,


Note: Mothers get one May Sunday; fathers one June Sunday. Check on-line May honorees, beside Mom and Cindo de Mayo. There’s something every day! And look what gets a full week: bikes, nurses, wildflowers, police and Emergency Medical Services. Well, those are deserving.

And check what gets a full month!!! Barbecues? Oh, older Americans and foster care. The latter two are also deserving.

But, Date-Your-Mate-Month, Hamburger, Salad, Blood Pressure (well, THAT’S IMPORTANT!), and Bike Month?? Wait, first Bike Week and now Bike Month?? May is also Oregon Wine Month. (Mom would have approved.)

Mom, unfortunately it will be the same for Dad in June. Miss you both so much.


A Happy Mom-Daughter trip to California was savored in April by Joyce and Justine Wagner. Prior to that Justine experienced a second extremely high heart-rate, (following her December episode). She’s doing well, and this time no four-day hospital stay! What could beat a Mom-Daughter getaway (Joyce found great rates), plus catching up with long-time friends, and of course shopping. Way to go ladies!