Sunday, May 1 service schedule

This Sunday, May 1st at the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship:
9:30 am Adult Discussion: “When do we speak up?” Facilitated by Cherie Swenson. It will entail three prompts:
1. When do you let people know they are acting as their own worst enemy?
2. When do you let people know they are inhibiting others liberty?
3. At what time do you share your concerns when you get a new job?
9:45 am Children’s Education: There will not be a children’s education program this week due to a few families’ vacations.
10:30 am Service: Reverend Jack Coffey will present on “What do we presume? In the Blue Zone of an unjust world, full of hurt, what do we…agnostics, atheists, and theists of all kinds…presume by reviving faith, healing bodies and mending communities? Readings from Psalm 67, Revelation 21, and John 14: 23-29.”
Coffee and refreshments will be available after the service, and all are invited to stay and socialize!