The Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Klamath County
seeks to offer a forum for religious freedom and the pursuit of knowledge,
to extend spiritual fellowship to all people, and to provide a place of renewal to foster a life of community, awareness, and action.

Sunday Worship Weekly
via Zoom at 10:30am

This Sunday, March 7th, we will share in Social Justice Worship “Creating a Beloved Practice of Accountability” with Courtney our Social Justice Chair.

Have you ever had a foot-in-mouth moment and hoped no one noticed? Have you ever known that what you said hurt someone but weren’t sure what to do next? In this Sunday’s service, we’ll explore together how we can start to address the small things so that we can work our way up to dealing with the bigger things to deepen our relationships with our beloved community.
There will also be an active part of this Sunday’s service, so bring a pen/pencil and paper if you are able.
If you missed last month’s Social Justice service about Pod Mapping and would like to learn more, check out the Bay Area Transformative Justice Collectives worksheet at https://batjc.wordpress.com/pods-and-pod-mapping-worksheet/

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Need Assistance?

Our Cares & Concerns team is available to assist elderly, immonocompromised and others at high-risk during this pandemic. Please contact us if you need help getting groceries, picking up a prescription, or just need to talk on the phone.  Email klamathuu@gmail.com.

Also, if you want to volunteer on this committee, email us!

Physical Location:

PLEASE NOTE: At this time, our physical location is closed and worship services have moved online to keep our community safe from COVID-19.

The Unitarian Fellowship Hall is located upstairs in St. Paul’s Episcopal Church, 801 Jefferson Street, Klamath Falls. Please enter near St. Paul’s office and come upstairs. Elevator available.